How it works

Participants are to register with a valid email address, phone number, and correct account details. Upon clicking "Register," they will be prompted to log into their back office. The system is designed to give 50% of the investment made by the participant, within 24hours to 15 days. Providing donation is called "Provide Empowerment" (PE), while receiving a donation is termed "Get Empowerment" (GE)

To donate, click on PROVIDE EMPOWERMENT (PE). Within 24 hours-5days, you will be matched to Empower another Participant by making payment. There is a 12 hour window to make payment, after which the account will be blocked if payment is not made. Ensure you have the money available and that mobile transfer is active for easy transaction. You are expected to upload a Proof Of Payment (POP) and verify. The receiver is also to verify you. After payment, you are now eligible to receive empowerment. To receive donation, click on GET EMPOWERMENT (GE). You will be matched within 24 hours and 15 days to receive payment.

There is a registration bonus that can be received after you have PE. There is also a 10% referral bonus, which can be cashed out once it reaches N20,000, i.e. your referral must have completed his/her PE. Because this is a movement to empower the entire nation, you are REQUIRED to PE within 24hrs of registration and of GE or your account will be blocked.

The good part? YOU CAN EARN DAILY FROM REFERRAL BONUS!!! By Just inviting as many friends as Possible There is 24hours LIVE SUPPORT to attend to any issues or problems you may face. Do well to reach out to our professional team when the need arises.

Empowernaija is that platform that has changed and is still changing people's life for good.. empowernaija is a trending worldwide motivational community of Nigerians empowering fellow countrymen and women around the globe.
The special And Unique Qualities of this community are :
--You have a Leader who helps resolve issues on your account like upload of Fake POP etc and who helps you each time you are confused or intend to make enquiries.
--You don't need referrals before you start earning, but you need referrals so you can earn more.
--Merging is faster than the speed of lighting.
Remember this is a movement to empower the nation, one person after another. Go on an Empower to be empowered. Together we Spread opportunities and Create Wealth.